What Causes Rats in Homes

As the winter begins, rodents may search your home as a warm shelter. Homes with any messy corner or hidden places can be a plus point for rats. You may have several other things that can be a reason to attract them. A list of attractants is given below:

1- In search of shelter

Like other rodents, they may enter in search of water, food, and shelter. As the rats are warm-blooded, so they seek warm and secure places. While nesting into your home, they may cause plenty of damage within the house. They will cut wood, wires to make their nest more comfortable. By eating the wires, they can let them at the risk of getting fire. 

2- Food 

Rats are carnivores; in other words, they can eat anything that is in front of them. The common things they may eat while living in the home are meat, soap, wires, milk, bird feeder, etc. the first thing that can be a reason to attract them is the availability of garbage within your house. If your dust bins are not covered properly, what else they need? They may choose to live there in search of food. If you have uncovered food or you may use the plastic bags to store pets food, they are going to eat them because they have sharp teeth that can help them to chew anything like wood, wires, plastic, etc. 

3- Pet waste 

As we already mentioned, they can eat anything, but do you know they also like to eat the digested food like a waste of your pet dogs? This is the reason you have to use dust bins that are fully covered, and no rodents can get access to them; otherwise, they can cause serious health issues. 

4- Open places can be easy access

Will a rat never ask you to come into your house? They just need an entry point to get into your house. It can be any crack, gap, a broken deck that can be a welcome point for them. They just need a small crack or hole later; they can chew it to make their pathway. 

They are excellent climbers that can be a plus point for them; by climbing the tree, they can easily get access to your attic. Air vents are another way that rats can use to enter your house. 

5- Plants 

If you have indoor plants like fruit or vegetable plants or nut plants, they can be an attractant for the rats. They can also use your garden area as a shelter by digging the hole within the plant's roots. By living there, they can destroy your plants by chewing them. 

How to keep rats away? 

We have shared all the attractants that can be a cause of a rat to get into your home. If you want to get rid of rats, then remove all of their attractants. Close all the entry points, and use repents like odor to repel them from your garden. Store all of your food in the containers that rats cannot chew. 

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